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When I met someone, everything changed.

My desert became a blooming garden.

Feelings went through a visible change

And the raw emotions matured.

The storms changed into gentle breezes

And the rough ocean became calm.

Bitterness of the past was replaced by the sweetness of the present

And the sourness of everything was replaced by the flavour of every fragrant thing.

The person taught me how to live and die.

The person made me see beauty in dull.

The person taught me to be serene in the wilderness.

I am happy to meet that person.

My life is full of charm

And the reason is that person who is close to me.

When I met someone, my life went through a visible change.

Thanking that person for changing me.

The Poem is written by Saniya Bashir from Mustafabad, Zainakote, Srinagar. Saniya is a Class 8th student and her hobbies include reading and travelling.

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