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I am a misfit here. 

Everything seems strange:

From so-called home to the outside world. 

At home, I look odd

And outside, I feel isolated.

Different hues look the same to me,

 While different seasons have some characteristics

For me, different people look the same.

I wake up the same and sleep the same.

In this way, I am a misfit.

I create my fitting world,

In my imagination to live there once.

There is nothing strange there.

Me and my fitting world.

I want to fit there

To come out from the world of misfits.

Yes, I am a misfit.

The Poem is written by Saniya Bashir from Mustafabad, Zainakote, Srinagar. Saniya is a Class 8th student and her hobbies include reading and travelling.

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