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Sahil Sharifdin Bhat: Jack of all trades, master of many

PULWAMA: A youth, Sahil Sharifdin Bhat from Lethpora village of southern Kashmir's Pulwama district, has been shining on the bright horizon of the Valley as a lecturer, motivational speaker, poet and writer.

Sahil is known among his thousands of students and other familiar people as Sahil Sharifdin English as he has been teaching English language and English Literature since years.

He has authored a number of books, a few of them have been published and are available in the international market for readers. He has authored hundreds of poems, most of which are available free on various websites.

Bhat runs a blog and has recently opened an online library to help students as well as teachers during the ongoing Covid lockdown. He frequently writes on literature, philosophy, physical health, religion, love, mental health, education and various other topics.

His books are written in easy language and go very close to touch the very strings of the hearts of youngsters. They identify themselves with the topics and themes which Sahil Sharifdin Bhat is writing about. He explains and illustrates in easy language how to fight with and overcome one's own baser desires and destructive thinking. He seems to be a modern Jesus for the distressed and confused youth of present times. Perhaps, that is why, one of his books is titled "Lantern for the Youth" and it is available for sale on Amazon.

The budding writer narrated that he keeps on writing things whenever he is free. He is personally consulted by his friends, former students, colleagues and others whenever they face any trouble or problem. He is their trustworthy trouble-shooter. He has influenced hundreds of youngsters who love to follow his footprints. Among them are Syed Faisal, an Islamic author from Tral; Mir Saqib Farooq, a novelist from Pampore; Syed Zubair, a known Urdu poet from Rajpora; Syed Tanveer, Talib Hilal, Muntazir Nisar, Sheikh Arshid and countless others.

Sahil Sharifdin's books are already in the market and many book lovers have read them and sent positive feedback to him through email and other social media channels.

The most interesting book by him is "Learn 75% Islam Within 20 Minutes". Its subtitle is "A book for beginners and reverts". It explains 26 Islamic topics which every Muslim must be aware of in order to be a true Muslim. The book is itself a wonder. It provides maximum knowledge about the religion of Islam in minimum words. It can be an amazing gift for little ones as well. It is also available on Amazon and other shopping platforms.

Sahil Sharifdin Bhat is a growing versatile personality. While in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the youth are in a dilemma whether to support the people who want freedom for the state or to cooperate with the Indian government ruling the state since 1940's, Sahil is inviting the youth to shun the violence and work for the peace and progress of their families, Muslim community and the whole world.

He uses his poetry as a vehicle to spread the ideas of love, justice, kindness, happiness, peace, confidence and modernity among the people around. He is very concerned about the increasing rate of suicide and depression in patients in the valley. His principle is 'to act locally but think globally'. He particularly wants the youth of Kashmir to study hard and build their health to the maximum limit possible.

His quotes are worth writing in golden ink. He has written somewhere that "TRUST in religion, BENEFIT in business, HEALTH in life, PHYSICAL PLEASURE in love affairs, FRANKNESS in friendship, HARD WORK in studies and PATIENCE in married life are the very basic rules. Ignoring them will definitely play havoc with anyone's life".

Sahil Sharifdin says that education is the best solution to all the problems of Muslims in particular and of humankind in general. According to him, right education brings a person out of the depths of hate, anger and narrowmindedness and lifts him up to the zenith of love, tranquillity and broadmindedness. He favours individual freedom, so long as it doesn't create chaos and criticizes bitterly the outdated and rotten social constraints.

The author has sent another book "Languageguard" for publication. It contains almost all topics of English language grammar. He had been working on this book for over a few years. He said that the book will benefit all students of all classes as well as English language teachers.

To conclude, he is a rising star of the valley. The lovers of books are requested to read his books and get inspired to do something praiseworthy for their families and the world.

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