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SSM College of Engineering & Technology tributes 'Elegance of Womanhood'


SRINAGAR: The Dean Student Welfare, SSM College of Engineering and Technology,  in collaboration with Internal Quality Assurance Cell, organized a one-day event on the theme “The Elegance of Womanhood” here today.

During the inaugural speech, Mrs Dilafroze Qazi, Vice Chairperson SSM College, spoke on the aspects of equality in our day to day life. She also threw light on the condition of women before the world was ignorant about a religion like Islam and how the religion of Islam came as a saviour for women and assured their upliftment.

Celebrating the day, renowned artists of different art forms, women from various fields spoke on the issues related to womenfolk.

The speakers included Ms. Sana Qazi, Dr. Nayeema Jan, Irfana Zargar, Shafiya Shafi, Soliha Shabir, Muntaha Baba, Sahiba Tariq Dar among others.

The event also showcased "Roff" (a Kashmiri folk dance) by three girl students from the college and provided Amreen, a singer by passion, a space to perform on the stage.

Written by: Saraf Ali | Photo by: Saraf Ali | Source: Kashmir Snaps

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