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J&K Students Welfare provides helping hand during COVID-19 pandemic

AUTHOR: Sehrul-Nisa | Kashmir Snaps News Network

BANDIPORA: Since the outbreak of the COVID19, Jammu & Kashmir Students Welfare Mission (JKSWM), a registered NGO remained on the forefront in providing its best to serve the society.

Since March 11, 2020 JKSWM in collaboration with Serving Nations, jointly launched an initiative to fight against the COVID19 and this collaborative initiative was named as ‘STAND FOR SOCIETY’.

Stand for Society is a collaborative initiative being taken by the two organisations in collaboration with various departments and agencies to fight and stand against this pandemic. It also involves other organisations who come forward for the same.

Under Stand for Society, the organisations are taking various steps in this regard from awareness campaigns to distribution of protective measures to the frontline workers, from counselling to relief and rehabilitation, from distribution of masks to distribution of free Essential Eatable Family Kits (EEFK’s).

On March 12, 2020, Novel Coronavirus Mass Awareness Camp was organised in Budgam in a collaborative manner by J&K Students Welfare Mission, Bandipora and Serving Nations, Srinagar (NGO's) at Soibug, Budgam to spread awareness regarding various do's and don'ts at ground level.

In awareness program, a good number of people including men, women & youth participated. On the occasion, experts from health sector and other fields shared their views, opinions and expressed that people need not to panic. "We only need to strictly follow the advisories being issued by the Government as well as other such agencies."

The aim of the programme was to encourage the people who have travel history from outside to come forward voluntarily for necessary tests at the government designated centres and to encourage others for the safety of our own society.

JKSWM in collaboration with Serving Nations, under the theme “Stand For Society” initiative conducted various awareness camps across the districts Bandipora, Srinagar, Budgam, Anantnag and many other areas of the valley to spread awareness about COVID19 pandemic.

Health experts and other concerned departments were also involved to make the programmes more effective and efficient. General public and other departments hail the efforts made by the organizations.

JKSWM distributed mass number of posters, making general public aware of this pandemic and the steps needed to be followed. Advertising and posters about COVID19 were also published in various newspapers of J&K to make wide publicity of the necessary precautions to be followed.

In continuing its participation in the fight against COVID19, JKSWM and Serving Nations distributed Masks, PPE kits and other protective things among health workers and other frontline workers. Masks were also distributed among the general public in various threat prone areas.
JKSWM has conducted various fumigation and sensitization activities in various areas of Bandipora. It also conducted disinfectant sprays among some red/buffer zone areas of Bandipora like Gundikaisar, Madar etc.

Keeping in view the lockdown and its effects on local labourers, daily wagers and other needy and poor families, the organization took the initiative of distributing free essential commodities of daily use among the poor and needy families, number of Essential Eatable Family Kits (EEFK’s) of daily use which include rice, dal, cooking oil, nutries, turmeric, chillies, tea  (salt as well as Lipton), salt, flour, match boxes, candles etc. were also distributed among the needy and poor families.

JKSWM also helps various patients of Bandipora in arranging medicines from Srinagar which were not easily available in the district. These also include some life saving medicines of some CA patients. No extra or delivery charges are being taken from these patients.

More than 200 Volunteers / Coordinators are specifically nominated/designated for all types of emergency / queries related to COVID19.

Voluntarily, JKSWM helps district administration in various COVID19 related issues like help in tracing persons with travel histories or distribution of masks at ground zero level. It also helps in making necessary arrangements while designating centres for quarantine.

Keeping in view the fact that women are being mostly affected due to violence during all crises or pandemic situations, JKSWM made it possible to keep its One Stop Centre staff available and on duty to provide all types of possible support to the women affected by any kind of domestic or such violence, all types of assistance is made available to the women seeking any sort of assistance from OSC. 

Tele-counselling, legal aid from homes, psychosocial counselling, police assistance, medical aid etc. was made available via free phone calls, WhatsApp messages, SMS etc. Wide publication was also made so that women should not feel that during lockdown, how they can access their Sakhi – OSC.

Pertinent to mention here that Sakhi – One Stop Centre is an initiative of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India to provide all assistance to women under one roof.

In Bandipora, OSC has been outsourced by the Administration to JKSWM and JKSWM acts as the implementing agency for OSC in District Bandipora and is running the said centre strictly as per the guidelines of the ministry.

"JKSWM in future too will continue its support and stand for the fight against COVID19. It will also coordinate and collaborate with government and other organisations in making its initiative and support to the society more effective."

"In future, it will continue its Mass Awareness at grass root level regarding social distancing, publication of awareness posters in newspapers and through other such sources like social media, distribution of sanitizers, masks in far-flung and tribal areas, distribution of free Essential Eatable Family Kits among the needy and poor families, social assistance to widows and daily wagers/labourers, distribution of PPE’s to Bank employees, PHC staff and other all such frontline workers of rural areas, distribution of EEFK’s among red zones and buffer zones after following all precautions, rendering its helping hand to government agencies as well as all the other NGO’s who come to forward to take various initiatives about COVID19, volunteer services to government and other NGO’s for the said cause."

"At last, J&K Students Welfare Mission will start a helpline and will make its liaison with various concerned departments for quick and immediate responses with regard to any sort of COVID19 queries."

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