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Listen to me, I have a lot to say.

Since my childhood, some words are stuck inside me, waiting for a vent.

I am choked to say anything.

I want to speak my heart, but I am disallowed.

I have my identity and status.

I want to speak in my own language.

I have a vision of the world, but there are no listeners.

I feel, but stone-hearted people are everywhere.

I weep when I am misunderstood and begin to hate myself.

I talk to myself every day because I believe in myself.

I know I am the only person who understands me.

I usually listen to myself.

But somehow today I became bold and began to pour out my worries.

I want to remain bold and speak what I find so enjoyable.

I have my identity, so let me speak.

But no one is forced to listen to me

You may listen to me

And I have something to say.

The Poem is written by Saniya Bashir from Mustafabad, Zainakote, Srinagar. Saniya is a Class 8th student and her hobbies include reading and travelling.

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