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Artisan Outreach Programme conducted by Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir

SRINAGAR: In a sequal of public outreach, Programme District Office Handicrafts Srinagar today on 20/02/2021 organised an Awareness camp at Saidakadal, Srinagar in order to raise awareness among artisans and weavers.

The artisans and weavers besides the representatives of the financial institutions and Departmental Officers were present in one day camp.

The Director Handicrafts and Handlooms Kashmir, Mahmood Ahmad Shah, has praised the departmental officers for their doorstep outreach of the Artisans in the city which is regarded as hub of Handicrafts sector and also sent a message to the Artisan and Weaver Community that the department is adamant to provide full support to the artisans for their well being.

Speaking on the occasion the Assistant Director Handicrafts, Shariq Iqbal, elaborated to the participants about the various activities which the Department is doing for the benefit of the artisan community which not only involves just providing the financial assistance under Credit Card Scheme but as well facilitation/ guidance to make artisans aware about the global e-market trends and as well as the export related activities.

In this one-day affair Assistant Director Handicraft also informed the presentees that Department is running the training programme in which the trainees, who are willing to learn the crafts, shall be provided stipend of Rs 1000 and Rs 1500 for elementary and advance programme respectively w.e.f. 01/04/2021.

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